Top 7 Best Organization Planners to Consider in 2023

Staying organized is essential for success, whether it’s for personal or professional goals. With so many organization planners available, it can be challenging to determine which one suits your needs best. That’s why we have compiled a list of some of the best organization planners to help you maintain your daily tasks, appointments, and priorities.

We will review and discuss the pros and cons of each planner in depth, ensuring you can make an informed decision and find the ideal organization planner for your lifestyle.

Best Organization Planners: Reviews

Regolden organizer daily planner undated

The Regolden Organizer is your ultimate solution to a more productive life. With 160 undated daily planning pages, this planner lets you pick up where you left off without any unnecessary sections to fill in or skip dates or pages. Plan in 2023, 2024, or even 2050!

Its functional design features an attached inner pocket and pen loop, flexible covers, twin-wire binding, and a classic, stylish appearance. The 120gsm premium thick paper reduces ink bleeding, erasing fraying, and shading issues, providing a better writing experience. The 7×10-inch size is large enough for your scheduling and appointments while remaining perfectly portable for work, home, school, or travel.

The daily view includes space for schedule, priority, to-do lists, appointments, and meetings, helping you manage your time effectively. Additionally, the blocks on the daily page enable you to jot down priority and note columns for spontaneous and important events.

This planner focuses on meeting your needs and is a fantastic choice for an entire year of organizing. The Regolden Book daily planner is designed to give you ample space to structure your day, with 160 days of a day-by-day layout that allows you to organize your schedule, daily to-dos, activities, appointments, notes, and ideas.

The planner includes a pen loop to secure your pen, twin-wire binding to ensure lay-flat pages and ease of turning, and acid-free 120 gsm paper for a superb writing experience; there’s also a back inner pocket to store loose items like bills, tickets, notes, and lists.

In case of any quality issues or dissatisfaction with the product, the manufacturer offers hassle-free refunds and exchanges. So, gift yourself or your loved ones this versatile and stylish planner and make life more productive!


  • Cute design and aesthetic
  • Weekly planning with habit tracking
  • Hard plastic cover adds durability
  • Good size that’s convenient for use


  • Page quality could be improved to prevent ink bleed-through
  • Not enough pages to cover an entire year

Artfan 2023 planner

The Artfan 2023 Planner is a practical and stylish planning tool that spans from January 2023 to June 2024. The planner is encased in a durable Saffiano leather cover with a skid resistance feature; it is designed for daily use and features an elastic closure, elastic pen loop, two bookmarks, calendar stickers, and an inner pocket measuring 8.4 x 5.7 inches. The 2023-2025 yearly holidays are included so you can clearly track important dates throughout the year.

The planner’s thick, cream-colored paper protects your eyes, reducing ink penetration issues and improving your notes’ readability. The lay-flat 180° design makes it more comfortable to write by hand, providing a distraction-free note-taking experience. 

With 112 sheets or 224 pages, the planner measures 8.4 x 5.7 x 0.9 inches and weighs 1 pound. In addition to weekly and monthly planning pages, it includes 20 months of calendar stickers, quick reference information, two contacts pages, an overview of the calendar year from 2023 to 2024, and a generous 32 pages for notes.

This planner is perfect for use during meetings or after work hours and can serve multiple functions, such as a personal organizer, goal planner, gratitude journal, workout tracker, meal planner, budget tracker, and more. With its versatile features and stylish design, the 2023 Planner – 18-Months Weekly Monthly Planner is valuable for managing your tasks and appointments throughout the year.


  • Durable Saffiano leather cover, perfect for those constantly on the move.
  • Convenient built-in pen holder on the spine.
  • Thick pages that prevent ink bleed-through.
  • Month-at-a-glance and daily planning sections with plenty of writing room.
  • Suitable size for portability (5.75″ x 8.25″).


  • Yellow-tinted pages may not be everyone’s preference, but they offer a vintage feel.
  • No pre-tabbed months or pockets may lead to a clean and minimalist design.

Utytrees undated daily planner

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The UtyTrees Undated Daily Planner is a compact and convenient option for those looking to better manage their time and accomplish their daily tasks. Measuring 5.2″ x 7.5″, this lightweight planner is easy to carry, fitting perfectly into most purses or small school bags. The spiral binding allows it to lay flat, making it simple to write and plan without any hassle.

With 150 pages and a flexible, waterproof plastic cover, this daily planner is built to last. You can create a personalized cover, making it even more special and unique.

The undated format allows you to add specific dates as needed, while the thoughtful layout provides space for lists, a timetable, and to-do list checkboxes. This feature makes it an excellent tool to help with daily work planning and time management.

The UtyTrees planner also includes a section for an hour-by-hour breakdown of your day, perfect for those who prefer a more detailed approach to schedule their time. The thick paper ensures a comfortable writing experience, preventing ink penetration and feathering. The planner also includes a water intake checklist to help you stay healthy and organized.

Overall, the UtyTrees Undated Daily Planner is a versatile and functional tool to help you keep track of what’s essential in your daily life. This planner makes time management and organization
a breeze with its compact size, customizable design, and quality materials.


  • Undated design for starting at any time and no wasted pages
  • Simple and focused layout for easy time management
  • Sturdy yet flexible cover for durability
  • 150 pages for sufficient planning space
  • Customizable for personal organization preferences
  • Large size with ample writing space
  • Perfect for various purposes, such as work or school


  • Only covers 150 days, not a full year (but great for shorter-term planning)
  • Size may not be as large as desired for some (but meets stated dimensions)

Goldpei daily planner

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The GOLDPEI Daily Planner offers a simple and effective solution for keeping track of your schedule, goals, and reminders. With the spiral at the top of the pad, you can smoothly flip through pages, and a PVC front cover adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring durability for the entire year.

This daily to-do list provides ample space for writing your most crucial appointments and tasks, ensuring your productivity stays on track. The undated format allows you to start, stop, and pick up planning whenever you wish. You can easily tear off the completed pages to focus on fresh items daily.

The notepad boasts premium quality, featuring heavy-duty paper that resists bleed-through and strong double twin-wire binding. This makes it both durable and practical for managing tasks and priorities.

Planning each day and staying organized will be a breeze with this tool, ensuring deadlines and tasks are never forgotten. This notepad caters to various organizational needs and offers a clean, simple way to keep track of important information with sections for daily schedules, priority tasks, and important notes.

The GOLDPEI Daily Planner is ideal for those looking to maintain daily productivity and organization. With undated pages, a sturdy construction, and ample room for essential items, it’s the perfect tool to help you focus on what matters most in your personal and professional life.


  • Helps to remember tasks and prioritize them
  • Good-quality materials, including a durable plastic cover for easy transport
  • Simple and practical design for daily use
  • Larger size allows for more space to write tasks


  • Limited number of sheets may not last as long for some users
  • Bold colors may obstruct writing visibility, though they do add a touch of style

Kaicn undated weekly planner

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The KAICN Undated Weekly Planner is an excellent choice for organizing your weekly focus and boosting productivity. The planner contains 52 weeks of undated space, allowing you to customize it without worrying about missing dates or wasting pages.

With a compact size of 5.7 x 8.0 inches, this powerhouse organizer fits perfectly in a bag, desk, or drawer. The strong spiral binding allows for smooth page turning without jamming, and you can be confident that your pages won’t fall out over time. 

One of the best features of this planner is the habit tracker. This unique addition enables you to track healthy habits for each week, using checkboxes as visual reminders. The Weekly Focus and To-Do List provide ample room for organizing all your daily tasks and priorities, ensuring that you always stay on track.

The premium quality of this planner is evident in its thick, smooth white paper, which is perfect for easy writing. The acid-free paper is also heavyweight, meaning no ink bleeding through to other pages.

This weekly planner is perfect for cultivating healthy life habits and ensuring you can see your overall progress at a glance. It’s the best companion for keeping everything on track and planning your time effectively. Make the most of this fantastic planner and watch your productivity and organization levels soar.


  • Undated, allowing you to start at any time and not waste pages
  • Convenient size for portability (5.7 x 8.0 inches)
  • Provides weekly habit tracking and to-do lists
  • Excellent for organizing and planning various activities (e.g., homeschooling, work, goals)
  • Durable and able to withstand daily usage


  • Limited to one year’s worth of weekly pages
  • Design options may be limited for some tastes

Gogirl planner and organizer for women

51Sdnjlet8L. Sl500

The GoGirl Planner and Organizer for Women is a powerful tool designed to help you take control of your life and achieve your goals. This A5-sized, undated weekly planner is perfect for women looking to improve time management, productivity, and overall happiness.

One of the most attractive features of the GoGirl Planner is its ability to help you create a vision for your life, break down your short and long-term goals, and incorporate them into your daily agenda. With its monthly and weekly priority sections, you can easily prioritize and focus your energy on the most important activities in your life.

The GoGirl Planner also encourages positive habits and rituals by providing a habit tracker section, helping you improve your work-life balance and become the best version of yourself. The planner aids in incorporating gratitude and affirmation techniques to create a more inspired and happier everyday life.

The undated design of the GoGirl Planner allows you to start using it at any time of the year without wasting paper. It offers 12 months and 52 weeks printed in separate sections, with three colorful bookmarks to easily navigate between weekly and monthly spreads.

The planner also features a hardcover made from animal-friendly PU leather, 120 gsm pearl white paper, a pen holder, an elastic band, illustrated user guide, and a sheet of stickers.

The GoGirl Planner has a guarantee and a hassle-free returns policy; if you’re not completely satisfied, conta
ct the customer service team for a refund or exchange. Its compact size (5.7 inches wide and 8.5 inches long) makes it ideal for fitting in any purse or handbag.

In conclusion, the GoGirl Planner and Organizer for Women is a practical, stylish, and thoughtfully designed tool that empowers women to take control of their lives, manage their time more effectively, and reach their goals.


  • Updated and customizable format
  • Includes monthly, weekly, and daily pages
  • Goal-setting sections promote organization and productivity
  • Extra blank pages provide room for additional notes
  • Beautiful, soft cover adds aesthetic appeal


  • Daily spaces may be too small for some users 
  • Limited design options this year 

Clever fox planner daily

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The Clever Fox Planner Daily is a unique undated agenda designed to boost productivity and help you achieve your goals while maintaining an excellent work-life balance. This attractive mint green daily organizer has a separate page for each day of the week, featuring an hourly schedule, main daily goal, priorities, personal to-do list, and a daily productivity review section. Its undated format means you can use it anytime without wasting pages.

This planner is perfect for busy professionals, moms, and students who desire real work-life balance. Besides daily, weekly, and monthly planning, it also features sections for habits and daily rituals you want to follow.

With 6 months of planning pages, this A5-size planner (5.5 x 8.5 inches) includes a high-quality vegan leather hardcover, an elastic band, a pen holder, an accordion folder, three colorful bookmarks, and 120 gsm thick paper, making it practical and durable.

Clever Fox is confident that this ultimate day planner can increase your productivity and happiness – so much so that they offer a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied. With all its features and user-friendly layout, the Clever Fox Planner Daily is an essential tool for anyone looking to streamline their life, achieve their goals, and maximize productivity.


  • Good quality paper
  • Manageable size (5.8×8.3 inches)
  • Customize the dates (undated)
  • Sturdy cover
  • Includes stickers for added customization


  • Complexity may be overwhelming for some (perseverance and practice will help)
  • Not big enough for some users 

Buyer’s Guide

When searching for the best organizational planner to suit your needs, it’s essential to consider the following factors:


Organization planners come in various layouts, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. Consider your planning style and preference before making a decision. A daily planner might suit you better if you require a detailed breakdown of your days. On the other hand, if you prefer to see your entire week at a glance, a weekly layout would be more appropriate.

Size and portability

Organization planners come in different sizes, from pocket-sized to A4. Consider how you’ll use your planner and whether you need it easily portable, such as fitting into a small bag or desk drawer. Additionally, consider the weight of the planner if you plan to carry it around regularly.


Organization planners can have various binding options, including spiral, twin-wire, or sewn. Consider which binding type will work best for you in terms of durability, flexibility, and ease of use.

Undated or dated

Some planners come with pre-dated pages, while others are undated, allowing you to start anytime. An undated option might be best to maintain flexibility when starting and stopping your planner.

Extra features

Many organization planners come with additional features, such as habit trackers, goal-setting sections, and dedicated spaces for gratitude journaling. Consider which extras would be most beneficial to you and find a planner that incorporates them.

Cover material and design

Organization planners are available with various cover materials, from lightweight paper to more durable leather or fabric covers. In addition to durability, choose a design that resonates with your personal style and preferences.

Paper quality

Lastly, consider the quality of the paper used in the planner. Ensure it is thick enough to prevent ink from bleeding through and withstand regular use. 

These factors help you identify the best organization planner for your unique needs and preferences. Remember, the perfect planner encourages productivity, boosts your motivation, and enables you to easily reach your goals. Enjoy the process of finding the ideal tool to help you stay organized and make the most out of each day.


What should I look for in an organization planner?

When choosing the best organization planner, consider factors like size, layout, binding type, cover material, and whether it is dated or undated. Other vital features include space for goal setting, habit tracking, weekly and monthly overviews, and note sections.

Should I choose a dated or undated planner?

This depends on your personal preferences and needs. A dated planner is ideal if you want to keep track of specific dates and events, while an undated planner allows more flexibility and can be started at any time. Undated planners are handy if you prefer having the freedom to customize your organization according to your schedule.

What is the ideal size for an organization planner?

The ideal size for an organization planner depends on how you plan to use it and how much space you need for your tasks, appointments, and notes. Popular organization planner sizes include A5 (5.8 x 8.3 inches), which is portable and easy to carry, and B5 (6.9 x 9.8 inches) for those requiring more writing space.

How important are additional features like goal setting and habit tracking sections in an organization planner?

Incorporating goal-setting and habit-tracking sections can significantly enhance the functionality of an organization planner. These features help you stay organized and encourage personal growth and development. However, the importance of these features varies depending on your individual needs and preferences.

Can a digital organization planner be a suitable alternative to a physical planner?

Digital organization planners can be a great alternative to physical planners, especially for those who prefer using electronic devices for planning and organizing.

Digital planners offer numerous benefits, including easy editing and syncing across devices. However, some individuals may find that using a physical planner is more beneficial, as writing things down can improve memory retention and help maintain focus on tasks.

Is a weekly or daily layout better for an organization planner?

Both weekly and daily layouts have advantages and can cater to different organizing needs. A daily layout provides more space for detailed task management and hourly scheduling but may be bulky and require frequent page flipping.

On the other hand, a weekly layout offers a comprehensive view of your tasks and appointments for the entire week, making it easier to visualize and plan your time. Your choice will depend on your preference for detailed daily planning or a broader overview of your week.

How can I make the most of my organization planner?

To maximize the benefits of your organization planner, establish a consistent planning routine and regularly review your goals and progress. Ensure you allocate time for personal and professional tasks and prioritize essential activities. Additionally, don’t be afraid to customize your planner to suit your unique needs and preferences.


The best organization planner for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors such as size, layout, and design to make an informed choice.

The planners reviewed in this article offer a variety of features and designs to cater to different preferences, so take your time to explore the options and find one that best suits your lifestyle and organizational needs. Staying organized and managing time effectively with the right planner will be a breeze.

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