Anxiety Coloring Books: Help Manage Stress With These 8 Books

Do you find yourself constantly battling stress and anxiety? Fear not – help is at hand in the form of anxiety coloring books! These books contain calming and intricate illustrations that require focus and creativity, enabling you to switch off from daily stresses and immerse yourself in the moment. In this article, we’ll explore eight fantastic anxiety coloring books to help you manage stress and promote relaxation.

Inspirational Coloring Book: 50 Motivational Quotes – Review

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In this inspirational coloring book, adults and teens alike can enjoy 50 powerful positive quotes, each paired with a beautiful floral or seamless geometric background to color. Not only does it create hours of positive affirmations, but it also offers a stress-relieving activity in the process.

Suitable for both adults and teens, this book features unique illustrations and quotes on improved backgrounds, and even comes with a beautiful cover, making it a great gift idea for family, friends, and loved ones. There’s no better way to unwind while embracing uplifting messages!

1. Great for both male and female users
2. Encourages positive thinking and motivation
3. Perfect for individuals going through struggles or facing anxiety
4. Fun and inspiring quotes to color
5. Suitable for all skill levels

1. Pages are not perforated for easy tearing out
2. Could be considered simple for experienced colorists, but it’s a perfect starting point for beginners

Anxiety Relief Coloring Book for Adults – Review

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Anxiety Relief Coloring Book for Adults: 50 Relaxing Flowers of Mindfulness and Stress Reducing Coloring Templates to Ease Anxiety and Tension is an adult coloring book designed to help individuals focus, relax and let their imaginations run free.

This coloring book contains 50 beautiful flower coloring pages aimed at reducing stress and anxiety for adults. The activity of coloring increases dopamine levels, which can lead to positive mood improvements, better focus, and even improvements in motor skills and brain functions.

These calming templates are printed single-sided to ensure easy coloring, making it a perfect tool to help you unwind and achieve a more relaxed state of mind.

1. Relieves stress effectively
2. Gorgeous floral patterns
3. Bold, detailed designs
4. Variety of flower arrangements
5. Suitable for various coloring techniques

1. Minor repetition of design elements 

Anxiety Relief Coloring Book for Adults: Mindfulness Coloring to Soothe Anxiety – Review

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Anxiety Relief Coloring Book for Adults: Mindfulness Coloring to Soothe Anxiety offers a creative way for adults to practice mindfulness and relieve anxiety. This coloring book features 35 soothing illustrations, including organic patterns, natural objects, calming scenes, and landscapes.

It also provides a brief introduction to mindfulness and includes two beginner-friendly mindfulness meditations for stress relief. The perforated, one-sided pages make it easy to frame your completed artwork or share it with a friend, enhancing the relaxing experience.

1. Appealing to various age groups, enjoyed by both adults and teens.
2. Beautiful, diverse designs that cater to different tastes.
3. Helps relieve anxiety and promotes relaxation, as mentioned by many satisfied customers.
4. Clear lines and well-drawn images for easy coloring.
5. Provides hours of entertainment, making it a great way to pass the time.

1. Not ideal for marker use, but perfect for colored pencils to prevent bleed-through.
2. Pages are not perforated

Anxiety Relief Coloring Book for Adults: Anxiety Relief Adult Coloring Book – Review

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The Anxiety Relief Coloring Book for Adults offers more than 100 pages of inspiring and soothing designs that help alleviate stress and anxiety. This book published by YourNotes Coloring Books for Adults Relaxation features peaceful patterns, some with dark backgrounds for a striking contrast to your colors.

Some designs come in landscape format, allowing for easier coloring of intricate Mandala Style bits and pieces. As a result of customer feedback, the publisher has refined the book’s content, ensuring a unique and satisfying coloring experience throughout.

1. Beautiful designs that help with focus and relaxation.
2. High-quality paper.
3. Non-transferable paper prevents colors from bleeding through.
4. Great for distressing and easing anxiety.
5. More than 100 pages of engaging content.

1. Black backing on pages might transfer to the next page, but can be managed with careful handling.
2. Paper quality and thickness may vary.

Amazing Animals: Adult Coloring Book, Stress Relieving Mandala Animal Designs – Review

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If you’re a fan of fascinating animals, the Amazing Animals: Adult Coloring Book is perfect for you. It features a wide variety of mandala-style animal designs that can help relieve stress and promote relaxation. From majestic lions to playful pandas, the intricate patterns will challenge and inspire you.

Take a break from your daily routine and immerse yourself in the captivating world of amazing animals while simultaneously calming your mind with this therapeutic coloring book. Perfect for any animal lover, this coloring book provides a creative escape for all skill levels.

1. Endless color possibilities.
2. Wide variety of animals to choose from.
3. Unique and intricate patterns in designs.
4. High-quality paper suitable for various coloring materials.
5. Affordable price.

1. May need additional blank papers to prevent bleeding.
2. Paper quality could be slightly better.

Anxiety Relief Coloring Book for Adults: Mindfulness and Anti-stress Coloring to Soothe Anxiety – Review

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The Anxiety Relief Coloring Book for Adults: Mindfulness and Anti-Stress Coloring To Soothe Anxiety is a great choice for people seeking a therapeutic way to relieve stress and anxiety.

Featuring a mix of intricate designs like flowers, landscapes, and animals, this high-quality adult coloring book encourages relaxation and mindfulness. Some pages even have a black background, creating high contrast and vibrant artwork.

With a variety of patterns and mandalas in a handy 8.5 x 11-inch format, this coloring book is perfect for busy adults in need of a calming, creative escape.

1. Wide variety of patterns and animals to color for endless hours of relaxation
2. Designed specifically to soothe anxiety and promote mindfulness
3. Encourages creativity and stress relief through engaging designs
4. Suitable for beginners or experienced colorists

1. Pages may bleed through when using markers, however, this can be easily resolved by removing pages before coloring.

Brain Games – Color by Number: Stress-Free Coloring (Orange) – Review

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Brain Games – Color by Number: Stress-Free Coloring (Orange) is a delightful activity book designed to help you create beautiful art stress-free.

It is part of a series that also includes Stress-Free (Green) and Stress-Free (Pink) editions, offering a variety of themes such as butterflies, birds, and large print patterns. Published by Publications International, Ltd., this coloring book ensures high-quality content and makes for an enjoyable, relaxing experience.

So grab your colored pencils, markers, or crayons, and let your creative juices flow with this engaging color by number book.

1. Intricate, beautiful designs for a more zen coloring experience.
2. Variety of pictures included for hours of coloring fun.
3. Spiral-bound with nice quality paper.
4. Kid-friendly designs that cater to various age groups.

1. Very faint, tiny numbers 
2. Not ideal for colored pencils fans but offers an opportunity to explore different mediums like markers.

Mindfulness Coloring Book for Adults: Zen Coloring Book for Mindful People – Review

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The Mindfulness Coloring Book For Adults: Zen Coloring Book For Mindful People takes your stress-relieving journey to a new level with its array of intricate designs, featuring animals, mandalas, and more. This beautifully crafted book is not only perfect for those looking to manage ADHD and loss of anxiety, but it also caters to those who appreciate unique features like 3D effects and dark backgrounds.

With its high level of difficulty and complexity, this coloring book promises a more substantial focus on meditation and relaxation.

1. Lovely designs
2. Beautiful pictures
3. Concept of mindfulness coloring
4. Diverse stress-relieving designs
5. Includes animals and mandalas

1. Thin paper, but works well with colored pencils
2. Smaller images than expected

Buyer’s Guide

When considering which anxiety coloring book to purchase, it’s important to evaluate your specific needs, interests, and preferences. The following buyer’s guide provides several factors to consider when choosing the best coloring book to help manage stress and anxiety.

Theme and design

One of the most important factors in choosing a coloring book is the theme and design of the illustrations. Many people find different themes, such as animals, mandalas, or inspirational quotes, more relaxing than others.

Be sure to choose a book with designs that resonate with you and that you believe will help cultivate a sense of relaxation and tranquility.

Level of complexity

Coloring books can vary in the complexity of their designs, from simple and basic shapes to intricate and detailed patterns. If you’re new to coloring or prefer to focus on a single illustration for a longer time, a book with more complex designs could be best for you.

On the other hand, if you want something more casual and easy to complete in a shorter time, look for books with simpler designs.

Quality of paper

To ensure a satisfying coloring experience, it’s essential to pay attention to the quality of the paper used in the coloring book. Thicker paper with a smooth finish will provide the best results, especially if you’re using markers or other coloring tools that may bleed through thin or low-quality pages.

Variety of designs

Some coloring books may feature a diverse range of illustrations and themes, while others may focus on a single subject or style. Having a good variety within a book can help maintain your interest and motivation while coloring.


Consider the illustrations’ artist and their reputation or reviews when purchasing an anxiety coloring book. Reading through other customers’ experiences can help you determine whether the artist’s style will be appealing and relaxing to you.

Size and portability

If you plan to color during breaks at work, while traveling, or in other places outside your home, you may prefer a smaller-sized coloring book that can be easily packed and carried with you.


Coloring books can range in price, with some being more expensive than others. Be sure to compare costs and ensure that you’re getting a good value in terms of design, quality, and page count.


1. Are anxiety coloring books suitable for all ages?

Yes, anxiety coloring books cater to a wide range of age groups, including children, teens, and adults. While some books feature intricate and sophisticated designs meant for older users, plenty of other options cater to younger individuals seeking a creative outlet for stress relief.

If you’re looking to purchase an anxiety coloring book for someone specific, make sure to choose one that aligns with their age and interests.

2. How do anxiety coloring books help with stress relief?

Anxiety coloring books provide an enjoyable and creative outlet to help individuals escape their daily stressors. Engaging in a meditative activity like coloring allows users to focus on the present moment, temporarily setting aside worries and anxiety. By concentrating on the coloring process and the patterns emerging on the page, users enter a state of relaxation that promotes a sense of calm and serenity.

3. Can anxiety coloring books be used alongside other stress management techniques?

Absolutely! Coloring books can complement various stress management strategies, such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, and yoga. Incorporating a blend of approaches allows individuals to discover what works best for them in managing stress and anxiety. Moreover, alternating between methods can help maintain interest and motivation in pursuing stress-relieving activities.

4. How often should I engage in coloring activities to feel the benefits?

How frequently you should participate in coloring activities depends on personal preferences and schedules. Some individuals may find that coloring for a brief period each day promotes a sense of calm and relaxation, while others might prefer longer sessions spanning several hours. It’s essential to listen to your body and adjust your activities accordingly.

5. What art materials are suitable for use in anxiety coloring books?

A variety of art materials can be employed with anxiety coloring books, such as colored pencils, markers, and gel pens.

When selecting materials, consider factors such as personal preferences, the intricacy of the designs, and the paper quality of the coloring book. For example, thinner paper may not be suitable for markers that bleed through, while highly detailed patterns may require fine-tipped coloring tools.

6. Can I share my completed coloring pages with others?

Sharing your finished artwork can be a great way to express your creativity and take pride in your accomplishments. Many people find satisfaction in showcasing their completed coloring pages on social media, in online coloring communities, or simply by gifting them to friends and family.


Anxiety coloring books can be an effective way to manage stress and promote relaxation. Each book on this list offers unique features and designs, catering to a variety of preferences.

Consider what elements resonate with you the most when choosing the perfect coloring book to help combat anxiety. And remember, even dedicating a few minutes a day to coloring can help improve your mental well-being and overall mood.

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