Job Hunters Rejoice! Discover the Ultimate Guide to Crafting a Killer Resume with These Top-Rated Papers.


In today’s highly competitive job market, having an impressive resume is crucial to stand out among the crowd of applicants. But did you know that even the type of paper you print your resume on can greatly impact a potential employer’s perception of your professionalism and attention to detail? In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of choosing the right resume paper and reveal our top 5 best resume paper brands for job seekers in 2023.

What Is Resume Paper and Why Is It Important?

Resume paper is a high-quality, specialized type of paper designed specifically for printing important documents such as resumes and cover letters. As job seekers aim to present their best selves, the choice of paper plays a crucial role in conveying professionalism and attention to detail.

The importance of resume paper may sometimes be overlooked; however, it carries significant weight in personal branding during the job application process.

It demonstrates that you have put thought into your application materials and are willing to invest in quality resources which contribute to an overall polished presentation.

For example, imagine two candidates with equally impressive qualifications but one provides their resume on standard printer paper while the other uses premium resume stock.

The Impact of Choosing the Right Resume Paper

Choosing the right resume paper can have a significant impact on job seekers, as it can make a good first impression, distinguish them from other candidates, reflect attention to detail and professionalism, increase readability and aesthetics, and ultimately boost their chances of getting hired.

Make a good first impression

Making a good first impression is crucial for job seekers competing in today’s competitive job market. One often overlooked aspect of crafting a killer resume is the choice of resume paper.

Selecting the right resume paper reflects positively on you as a candidate – beyond just showcasing aesthetics or style preferences, it demonstrates thoughtfulness in presenting an impeccable image to potential employers.

For example, using ivory or granite-colored paper not only makes your text more readable but also conveys elegance and sophistication. Additionally, opting for heavier weight options (such as 24-32 lb) denotes durability and substance that speaks volumes about how much you value your career journey.

Stand out from other candidates

In today’s competitive job market, standing out from other candidates is crucial for career advancement. One way to differentiate yourself from the competition is by using high-quality resume paper that reflects professionalism and attention to detail.

For example, imagine two equally qualified applicants submitting their resumes for the same position – one printed on quality resume paper and the other on standard copy paper.

The candidate who used premium paper would likely leave a stronger initial impression on recruiters due to the well-presented document showcasing their dedication to personal branding.

A sleek and polished presentation not only increases readability but also gives an added edge in distinguishing oneself amidst numerous job applications.

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Reflect attention to detail and professionalism

Choosing the right resume paper is an essential aspect of presenting yourself as a candidate who pays attention to details. It reflects professionalism, which is especially important for management or executive roles.

When selecting the best resume paper, consider options that have a formal look and feel – such as those with heavier weight and texture.

Your personal branding extends beyond what’s written on your resume- it also includes how you present it. Your choice of papers, fonts, colors should all represent one cohesive brand message that shows hiring managers your detail-oriented and committed to excellence in all aspects of your work.

Increase readability and aesthetics

Choosing the right resume paper is crucial when it comes to making sure your application stands out from other candidates. With the right type of paper, you can increase readability and aesthetics, making it easier for hiring managers to read through your qualifications and accomplishments.

This can give you an edge in a competitive job market where employers receive hundreds of resumes per opening. For example, using high-quality textured paper with a subtle color will make your resume appear more visually appealing and professional than plain white copy paper.

Additionally, choosing heavyweight paper will allow for crisp printing that won’t smudge or bleed ink, adding to the overall presentation of your application materials.

Boost your chances of getting hired

Choosing the right resume paper can go a long way in boosting your chances of getting hired. A high-quality paper leaves a lasting impression on recruiters and shows that you pay attention to details and take professionalism seriously.

Using the best quality resume paper also demonstrates your personal branding to potential employers and stands out from competitors in today’s job market. Additionally, it enhances readability, aesthetics, and printing quality of your application documents, ultimately increasing your chances of standing out amongst other applicants.

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Top 5 Best Resume Paper Brands for Job Seekers

Quick recommendation

For a speedy recommendation, be sure to check out our quick product list or simply scroll down for more detailed reviews.

Comparison Table

ProductBrandSheet SizeColorPaper FinishPaper WeightItem Weight
Southworth 100% Cotton Resume PaperSouthworth8.5-x-11-inchIvoryWove240.96 ounces
Neenah Classic Crest Solar White Resume PaperNeenah8 1/2 x 11Solar WhiteSmooth246.01 pounds
Hammermill Premium Color Copy Cover PaperHammermill8.5×1180lbSmooth8058 pounds
HP Printer Paper, Premium24HP Papers8.5 x 11WhiteSmooth246 pounds
Mohawk Via Linen Writing PaperMohawk Home8 1/2 x 11Bright White5.75 pounds

1. Southworth 100% Cotton Resume Paper

Job Hunters Rejoice! Discover The Ultimate Guide To Crafting A Killer Resume With These Top-Rated Papers. 8

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Stand Out from the Crowd with Cotton Resume Paper.


  • Made from 100% cotton for a premium look and feel
  • Wove paper finish adds texture and sophistication
  • Ivory color creates a classic, timeless appearance
  • Pre-consumer recycled content of 100%
  • Ideal size for printing professional resumes and documents (8.5 x 11 inches)
  • Trusted brand with proven quality over time

The Southworth 100% Cotton Resume Paper is an essential product for job seekers who want to make a strong, lasting impression on their potential employers. This high-quality paper features a rich texture and distinctive crispness that sets it apart from ordinary sheets, providing the perfect canvas for showcasing your skills, achievements, and qualifications in a polished manner.

One of the key benefits of this resume paper is its compatibility with various printing options – you can use it with laser printers, inkjet printers, or copiers without sacrificing print quality. Acid-free and lignin-free composition ensures that your documents will resist yellowing over time, guaranteeing both immediate and long-term appeal. In addition to its impressive presentation qualities, Southworth’s commitment to using 100% recycled materials demonstrates your eco-consciousness right off the bat.

We picked Southworth 100% Cotton Resume Paper as No.1 in our list because of its unparalleled combination of premium features (acid- and lignin-free), exceptional design choices (24 lb weight), and user-friendly properties (compatibility with multiple types of printers). Job seekers can trust this paper to help them stand out from the crowd when they hand over their resumes enveloped in matching Southworth® envelopes or present them in stylish resume folders during interviews – making every interaction noteworthy!


  • Made with 100% cotton: Using Southworth® 100% Cotton Résumé Paper for your resume or cover letter ensures that it stands out from the rest. With its luxurious texture and quality, this paper will help you make a lasting impression.
  • Acid- and lignin-free: This resume paper is acid- and lignin-free to prevent yellowing over time. It helps keep your documents looking fresh, crisp, and professional for years.
  • Printer compatibility: laser, inkjet, copier: The Southworth Resume Paper is compatible with various printing methods such as laser printers, inkjet printers or copiers which means that you can use this product with ease no matter what type of printer or copier you own at home or in the office.
  • Ideal size: 8.5″W x 11″L: With a standard size of 8.5″W x 11″L (letter – size), your resumes printed on this premium paper ensure that each page looks professional in terms of format and layout.
  • Comes in pack of 100 sheets per box: Buying the Southworth Resume Paper assures availability – there’s always enough supply for all your job applications needs whether it’s writing multiple versions of resumes or cover letters. Save yourself from last-minute runs to the store by stocking up on these high-quality papers!


  • Acid- and lignin-free to resist yellowing
  • Compatible with laser, inkjet, and copiers for convenience
  • Made of 100% recycled cotton for a sustainable option
  • Ideal for resumes, cover letters, and thank-you notes


  • Slightly pricey compared to other resume paper options.
  • Some users may prefer a brighter or whiter color for their resumes.
  • Not as readily available in stores as some other brands.

This Southworth 100% Cotton Resume Paper is perfect for job seekers looking to make a lasting impression on potential employers. Ideal for resumes, cover letters and thank-you notes, this lignin-free and acid-free paper will help you craft documents that stand out from the crowd. So take control of your job search today – get Southworth 100% Cotton Resume Paper now!

Product Info

[lasso ref=”southworth-100-cotton-resume-paper-8-1-2-x-11-24-lb-100-recycled-ivory-pack-of-100″ id=”3721″ link_id=”2097″]

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Southworth-Exceptional-Resume-Cotton-R14ICF/dp/B00006IE2N/&tag=zorngroup0b9-20

2. Neenah Classic Crest Solar White Resume Paper

61 K+Ehty2L
Job Hunters Rejoice! Discover The Ultimate Guide To Crafting A Killer Resume With These Top-Rated Papers. 9

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Impress Employers with Classic Premium Resume Paper.


  • Smooth finish for a professional look and feel
  • Solar white color for added brightness and contrast
  • 24-pound weight for durability and substance
  • Acid-free paper to prevent yellowing over time
  • Large sheet size of 8.5 x 11 inches to fit standard resume formats
  • Manufactured by trusted brand Neenah Paper for reliable quality

The Neenah Classic Crest Solar White Resume Paper is an excellent choice for job seekers looking to make an impression. As the No. 2 pick on our list, this high-quality paper boasts a smooth finish and dependable performance that sets you apart from the competition. Its FSC-certified credentials mean it’s environmentally responsible, while its lignin-free and acid-free design ensures long-lasting durability.

Compatible with both laser and inkjet printers, as well as copiers, the precisely cut 8½ x 11-inch sheets are ideal for creating professional-looking resumes or cover letters. The Classic Crest Solar White paper has an impressive weight of 24 lb, giving your documents a premium feel that communicates confidence and attention to detail. In addition, its watermark adds another layer of sophistication to your resume materials, further distinguishing you in today’s competitive job market.

In summary, investing in Neenah Classic Crest Solar White Resume Paper demonstrates your willingness to go the extra mile in presenting yourself professionally to potential employers. With its notable quality features and compatibility with various printing technologies, this premium multipurpose paper will undoubtedly enhance any job seeker’s application package by providing exceptional presentation through crisp text reproduction and sharp graphics display capabilities.


  • FSC Certified: Neenah Classic Crest Solar White Resume Paper is Forest Stewardship Council certified, ensuring that its production meets strict environmental, social and economic standards. By choosing this paper, you’re making a statement for sustainability and responsible forestry practices.
  • Lignin-free and acid-free: Unlike regular papers that contain lignin or acid which can cause yellowing and brittleness over time, Neenah Classic Crest Solar White Resume Paper is free from both. This means your printed documents will maintain their crisp white color and remain durable for years to come.
  • Compatible with laser/inkjet printers and copiers: Whether you’re printing resumes at home or in the office, this versatile paper works with all kinds of printers. You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues or ink smudging when using this premium paper.
  • Perfect for business correspondence: When it comes to presenting yourself professionally on paper, nothing beats the clean look of Neenah Classic Crest Solar White Resume Paper. Its weighty feel (24 lb) exudes quality and attention to detail so that each document carries a touch of elegance.
  • Ideal for company letterhead and presentations: With its exceptional brightness level (97 out of 100) combined with its smooth surface texture, this premium-quality paper makes an excellent choice for company letterheads or presentation materials where first impressions matter most. Your branding efforts will receive a significant boost from the impressive appearance provided by this product.


  • FSC certified for environmentally conscious printing
  • Lignin-free and acid-free for durable documents that don’t yellow over time
  • Compatible with a variety of printers and copiers for ease of use
  • Perfect for professional paper needs such as business correspondence, letterhead, and presentations.


  • Relatively expensive compared to other resume paper options
  • May not be suitable for printing high-quality photographs or graphics due to its brightness and texture
  • Limited selection of color choices, only available in Solar White

This resume paper is ideal for the professional looking to make a lasting impression. Its classic look and feel will ensure your job applications stand out from the competition. Get Neenah Classic Crest Solar White Resume Paper today and maximize your chances of career success!

Product Info

[lasso ref=”neenah-classic-crest-premium-laser-inkjet-print-copy-multipurpose-paper-8-1-2-in-x-11-in” id=”3720″ link_id=”2098″]

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Classic-Crest-Premium-Sheets-04631/dp/B000J09FWK/&tag=zorngroup0b9-20

3. Hammermill Premium Color Copy Cover Paper

Job Hunters Rejoice! Discover The Ultimate Guide To Crafting A Killer Resume With These Top-Rated Papers. 10

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Ultimate Color Printing and Longevity in Paper.


  • Smooth finish for professional-looking documents
  • Heavyweight cardstock for durability and stiffness
  • Bright white paper with a 100 brightness rating for sharp colors and contrast
  • Available in an 8 pack with 2000 sheets for bulk purchasing convenience
  • Suitable for printing high-quality photos, graphics, and text
  • Made by trusted brand Hammermill for reliable quality

Hammermill Premium Color Copy Cover Paper is a top choice for those seeking high-quality cardstock to create impressive presentations, design proposals, and promotional materials. This 80 lb cover weight sheet comes in an ample 8-pack bundle of 2,000 sheets, ensuring you have plenty on hand for your important projects. Made in the USA and boasting a super bright finish with 100 brightness, this paper provides excellent image contrast and true color reproduction that makes your documents stand out.

The acid-free nature of Hammermill’s cardstock guarantees its resistance to yellowing over time while being Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified ensures it is sustainably made from renewable resources. The super smooth surface handles heavy toner applications well, resulting in sharp photographic reproductions and vivid colors from both color copiers and laser printers. Our choice to rank this product as No. 3 stems from its combination of superb quality, sustainability practices, and affordability.

In conclusion, Hammermill Premium Color Copy Cover Paper offers great value by delivering consistent results for double-sided printing or other professional projects requiring durable sheets with excellent print quality. Job seekers will find this product particularly beneficial when crafting eye-catching resumes that leave lasting impressions on potential employers with its vibrant colors and crisp text display capabilities.


  • Acid-free Paper for Color Printing: Premium Color Copy Cover Paper is perfect for printing double-sided documents, photographic reproductions, and full-color presentations. Its acid-free nature ensures that it won’t yellow over time, making it a reliable choice for important documents.
  • Sustainably Made in the USA: Hammermill paper is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, which means it’s made from renewable resources sourced from sustainably managed forests. By choosing this product, you’re contributing to the preservation of our planet while still getting high-quality paper.
  • Super Bright Finish: With a brightness rating of 100%, this copying paper produces images with excellent contrast and accurate color reproduction. You’ll get stunningly vibrant prints every time thanks to its super smooth surface that can take heavy toner application.
  • Premium Color Copy Cover Paper: The 8.5″ x 11″ 80lb cardstock sheet provides exceptional durability and is specifically designed to work flawlessly with color copiers and laser printers. This means you can expect consistently reliable results every time you use it — no more frustrating jams or malfunctions!
  • Versatile Use Cases: This premium quality cardstock is not just ideal for printing professional documents like design proposals and menus; It’s also great for direct mailings such as postcards or brochures! Whether you need to print high-level business materials or create invitations to your next event, Hammermill has got you covered!


  • Acid-free paper prevents yellowing over time
  • Made in the USA with sustainably managed forests
  • Super bright finish for excellent image contrast and true color reproduction
  • Durable cover weight sheet specifically designed for color copiers and color laser printers


  • May be too thick for some printers
  • Higher cost compared to standard copy paper
  • Limited availability in brick-and-mortar stores

This Hammermill Premium Color Copy Cover Paper is perfect for anyone needing high-quality paper that won’t yellow over time. The 100 brightness and heavyweight cardstock make it ideal for double sided printing, photo reproductions, presentations, menus and much more — so take advantage of its great features now!

Product Info

[lasso ref=”hammermill-cardstock-premium-color-copy-cover-80-lb-8-5-x-11-8-pack-2000-sheets-100-bright-made-in-the-usa-card-stock-120023c” id=”3719″ link_id=”2099″]

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Hammermill-Premium-Cardstock-Letter-120023C/dp/B01B61F7FY/&tag=zorngroup0b9-20

4. HP Printer Paper, Premium24

Job Hunters Rejoice! Discover The Ultimate Guide To Crafting A Killer Resume With These Top-Rated Papers. 11

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Best for vibrant and long-lasting prints with eco-friendly paper.


  • HP Printer Paper, Premium24 offers a smooth finish for high-quality printing.
  • The paper weight of 24 provides a sturdy feel and reduces the risk of tearing or jamming.
  • With a brightness rating of 100 Lumen, this paper delivers vibrant colors and sharp text.
  • This package contains one ream or 500 sheets, providing ample supply for your printing needs.
  • The white color ensures that your documents stand out and look professional.
  • Created by HP Papers, an established brand known for producing premium-quality papers.

The HP Printer Paper, Premium24 is an excellent choice for job seekers who want to make a lasting impression with their printed resumes and cover letters. This high-quality printer paper is designed for optimum performance on both inkjet and laser printers, ensuring that your documents are presented in the best possible manner. The 24 lb weight of this paper lends it a professional feel, while the extra bright (100 bright) and whiter (163 whiteness) finish helps enhance the appearance of any text or images printed on it.

One standout feature of HP Premium24 paper is its ColorLok technology which allows for more vivid colors, bolder blacks, and faster drying times. This ensures that your important job-hunting documents have sharp text and vibrant visuals that will catch the eye of potential employers. The acid-free nature of this paper also guarantees long-lasting quality by preventing yellowing over time. Additionally, as an FSC certified product made in the USA from renewable forest resources with 0% deforestation achieved in North America production process, you can be confident about making an environmentally conscious decision when choosing HP Printer Paper.

In summary, if you’re a dedicated job seeker looking to deliver impressive print materials during your search process, consider investing in HP Printer Paper Premium24 for remarkable full-color printing results on sustainable yet smooth-feeling sheets. With its blend of exceptional quality and eco-friendliness attributes combined with ColorLok technology providing enhanced visual appeal to boost document readability factor; missed opportunities over trivial aspects like poor-looking resumes would be least of your concerns!


  • ColorLok Technology Printing Paper – With ColorLok technology, this HP Printer Paper produces more vivid and vibrant colors, bold blacks and dries faster. This means your documents will come out looking sharper and more eye-catching than ever before.
  • Acid-Free Paper – The Premium24 presentation paper is acid-free which prevents yellowing over time ensuring that your important documents maintain their pristine appearance for longer. This makes it ideal for use in portfolios or presentations where long-term preservation is of utmost importance.
  • Certified Sustainable – As an FSC certified product, the HP Printer Paper Premium24 contributes towards satisfying credit MR1 under LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). It’s eco-friendly manufacturing process ensures that you can feel good about making an environmentally responsible choice while still enjoying high-quality printing paper.
  • Impressive Color Printing – With its medium weight (24 pounds), bright (100 brightness) and white (163 whiteness) formula, this printer paper yields impressive full-color prints with a super-smooth surface finish. You can be sure to impress clients or colleagues with stunning graphics on this high-end paper stock.
  • Optimized for HP Technology – This product has been optimized to work flawlessly with all HP equipment as well as other printers/copiers. Moreover, it comes backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can rest assured knowing that you’ll get great performance every time without having to worry about compatibility issues.


  • Vivid colors, bolder blacks and fast drying due to ColorLok technology.
  • Long-lasting appearance with acid-free paper preventing yellowing over time.
  • Certified sustainable with FSC certification and contributes toward LEED credits.
  • Impressive full-color printing on brighter, whiter, and super-smooth 24 lb medium weight paper optimized for HP technology.


  • Expensive compared to other printer paper brands.
  • Limited availability in certain brick-and-mortar office supply stores.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty printing tasks such as bulk marketing materials or book manuscripts.

This HP Printer Paper is perfect for anyone who needs high quality printing results. With its ColorLok technology, acid free paper, Forest Stewardship Council certification and optimized performance for HP equipment, this product is sure to satisfy the most discerning customers. Get your hands on it now and start getting vibrant prints with every job!

Product Info

[lasso ref=”hp-printer-paper-8-5-x-11-paper-premium-24-lb-1-ream-500-sheets-100-bright-made-in-usa-fsc-certified-112400r” id=”3718″ link_id=”2100″]

Link: https://www.amazon.com/HP-Printer-Paper-Premium24-Letter/dp/B00006IDS1/&tag=zorngroup0b9-20

5. Mohawk Via Linen Writing Paper

51U Cglezal
Job Hunters Rejoice! Discover The Ultimate Guide To Crafting A Killer Resume With These Top-Rated Papers. 12

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Elevate Your Writing with Premium Linen Finish Paper.


  • High-quality linen writing paper
  • Bright white color enhances legibility and readability
  • Comes in a pack of 500 sheets for extended use
  • Manufactured by Mohawk Fine Papers, a trusted brand in the industry
  • Suitable for various printing projects, including resumes, letters, and invitations
  • Large sheet size (8 1/2 x 11 inches) ensures ample space for writing or printing.

Mohawk Via Linen Writing Paper is an excellent choice for job seekers looking to make a lasting impression with their resumes and cover letters. The 24 lb, 90 gsm linen finish provides an upscale texture that immediately sets your documents apart from the standard printing paper. The bright white shade (143570) gives your resume a clean, professional look that is sure to grab the attention of potential employers.

One notable feature worth mentioning is the acid-free composition of Mohawk’s paper. This makes it perfect for archival purposes — ensuring that your important documents remain in pristine condition over time without yellowing or deteriorating. Additionally, this premium writing paper carries a watermark which adds another layer of sophistication to your application materials, demonstrating not only your expertise but also your eye FOR detail and commitment to quality.

In today’s competitive job market, standing out from the crowd can be tough. With Mohawk Via Linen Writing Paper, you’re giving yourself an edge by presenting prospective employers with top-notch documentation on high-quality watermarked linen paper backed by eco-friendly manufacturing practices like renewable wind power energy offsets. So go ahead — impress them at first sight with this outstanding choice in writing material!


  • Acid-free for Archival Purposes: Preserve your written work for years to come with the Mohawk Via Linen Writing Paper. Its acid-free properties ensure that it doesn’t yellow or deteriorate over time, making it perfect for important documents such as certificates and diplomas.
  • Matching Envelopes Available: Make a lasting impression on your recipients by sending letters or invitations on matching Mohawk Via Linen envelopes (M82340), which are specially designed to complement this premium writing paper.
  • 500 Sheets per Ream: With 500 sheets in each ream, you can keep your office stocked up without constantly having to reorder. This saves you time and hassle while ensuring you always have high-quality writing paper on hand when you need it.
  • 24 lb 90 GSM Linen Finish Watermarked: The weight and texture of this paper give it a luxurious feel that makes any written work stand out. Its linen finish adds an elegant touch, giving your writing a sophisticated look that is sure to impress.
  • Bright White Shade: The bright white shade of the Mohawk Via Linen Writing Paper ensures that every word pops off the page with exceptional clarity and contrast. Whether you’re printing resumes, business reports, or personal correspondence, this premium writing paper delivers outstanding results every time.


  • Archival quality paper – lasts longer and won’t yellow or fade over time
  • Professional – looking linen finish adds a touch of elegance to your communications
  • Watermarked for added security and authenticity
  • Matching envelopes available for a cohesive, coordinated look


  • Relatively expensive compared to non-linen writing paper options.
  • May not be suitable for printing high – quality images or graphics due to its linen texture.
  • Bright white shade may not appeal to those seeking a more natural or off – white paper color.

This high-quality Mohawk Via Linen Writing Paper is perfect for professionals or hobbyists looking to spruce up their writing. Whether you’re crafting a letter, drawing detailed illustrations, or jotting down creative ideas and notes, upgrade your stationery with this premium product today!

Product Info

[lasso ref=”mohawk-via-linen-writing-paper-watermarked-24-lb-8-5-x-11-inches-500-sheets-ream-sold-as-1-ream-bright-white-shade-143570″ id=”3717″ link_id=”2101″]

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Mohawk-Writing-Watermarked-Inches-Sheets/dp/B004XG650G/&tag=zorngroup0b9-20

How to Choose the Best Resume Paper

When choosing the best resume paper, consider factors like color, weight, and texture, as well as high-quality materials that are environmentally friendly and printer compatible; don’t forget to read reviews and ratings from other job seekers.

Consider the color, weight, and texture

The color, weight, and texture of your resume paper can make a significant impact on its overall presentation. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best resume paper:

  • Choose the Right Color: The color of your resume paper is essential in creating a professional look. Ivory, white, and off-white are the most common color choices for resumes.
  • Check Paper Weight: Thweight of your resume paper can affect how it looks and feels. The most common options include 20 lbs, 24 lbs, and 32 lbs. A heavier weight can make your resume feel more substantial and important.
  • Texture Matters: The texture of your resume paper can play an essential role in its appearance. Smooth finishes are often favored because they provide sharp text contrast, making the information easier to read.
  • Think about Appearance Impact: Your resume’s appearance is crucial when competing with other candidates. Your choice of paper should complement the content and give a professional look that will spark interest from potential employers.
  • Consider Thickness: The thickness of your resume paper impacts both appearance and durability. It also affects how well it prints. Experiment with different thicknesses to see what works best for you.

Following these tips will ensure that you choose a high-quality resume paper that represents you well during job applications.

Choose high-quality materials

Choosing high-quality materials for your resume paper is crucial when it comes to making a good first impression. The paper you use reflects your attention to detail and professionalism and can make or break your chances of getting hired.

To ensure the best quality, consider using 32lb 100% cotton resume paper in ivory color, which offers a classic and sophisticated look. Additionally, there are eco-friendly options available such as bamboo and linen that can make an impactful statement about your values and commitment to sustainability.

Read reviews and ratings from other job seekers

Looking for the best resume paper can be overwhelming, but there is a way to make your search easier. One of the most effective ways to find out which brands are worth investing in is by reading reviews and ratings from other job seekers.

By taking the time to read through these reviews and rating platforms like Glassdoor or Indeed, you can gain an idea of what products other job seekers recommend for professional documents like resumes.

Pay attention to common complaints or praises across several platforms — this will give you a good indication of consensus from actual users.

Verify printer compatibility

When selecting the best resume paper, it’s essential to consider printer compatibility. You don’t want to invest in expensive material only to discover that your printer can’t handle the texture or weight of the paper.

For instance, some printers are ideal for printing on heavier stock while others may not be suitable for thicker paper types. Similarly, textured papers may cause issues with certain printers and lead to poor print quality.

Overall, verifying your printer’s compatibility with different types of resume papers will save you time, frustration, and ensure that you get quality results when preparing resumes and cover letters.

Check environmental impact and price

In today’s world, it’s important to consider the environmental impact of every purchase we make, and resume paper is no exception. When choosing the best paper for your resume, take a moment to research eco-friendly options that won’t harm the planet.

Furthermore, while high-quality resume paper can impress potential employers and boost job search success, it doesn’t have to come at a hefty price tag. Consider cost-effectiveness when selecting your ideal paper type; read reviews from other job seekers who may have found affordable yet effective options.


In conclusion, choosing the right resume paper can make a huge difference in your job search. It’s not just about having the right qualifications or experience anymore; it’s also about making a great first impression with a professionally printed resume.

After careful research and analysis of various brands and types of resume paper, we recommend Southworth 100% Cotton Resume Paper and Neenah Classic Crest Solar White Resume Paper as the top choices for job seekers in 2023.

So don’t overlook this crucial aspect of your career development- invest in high-quality paper materials like these two premium options to help you land that essential interview with confidence!

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1. What should I consider when choosing a resume paper brand for my job applications?

When selecting a resume paper brand, you should consider factors such as weight, texture, color and the material used in production to ensure your application stands out with a professional feel. You may want to choose a heavier-weight stock to show that your CV has significance and is of great importance.

2. Are all types of paper suitable for resumes?

No, not all paper types are appropriate for use as resume papers. While some people might think plain copy paper is good enough to print their CVs on, it won’t necessarily hold up well over time or during transit unless high-quality linen or cotton-based stocks are selected instead.

3. How do I know which brand of resume paper will best fit my needs as a job seeker?

The best way to determine which brands will work best for you personally is by researching different options online while considering your individual preferences around tactile sensation, texture and appearance (i.e., thickness/weight/color). Interviewing recent hires at companies within desired industries can also provide insight into expected norms in terms of presentation quality.

4. Should I invest in an expensive printer if using high-quality resume papers?

Not necessarily — many printers produce acceptable results with standard printing settings when using appropriate settings optimized for thicker sheets like those commonly used on long-lasting stationery products including resumes! That said investing in higher-end units could be useful particularly if job searching often entails frequent printing sessions so explore considerations involved before making decisions regarding hardware investments!

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